Junk Mail Show at Soap Gallery

The Junk Mail! Show
July 9 – 30, 2010
Soap Gallery, 3180 Mission St., 94110

So many products, so little time . . .  33 artists address junk mail as subject.

Curated by Sarah Smith and Andy Vogt

What is this? Continue on to find out . . .

Much more at The Junk Mail! Show Blog

Soap Gallery

3180 Mission, betwn Cesar Chavez & Valencia

Junk Mail Show

So many products, so little time . . . It's The Junk Mail! Show


Cold cut art by John Riegert--SOLD!

Junk Mail art

Click for Review by KQED

Junk Mail art

A large Ruffle by Randy Colosky; tiny shrimp by Terrance Graven

Junk Mail art

"Newborn Pony" by Erica Gangsei, "1.99 Lb." giant pot roast made of junk mail papier maché by Terrance Graven, and the oblong rectangular thing on the right is my "Fresh Aire."

air duct cleaning

My 'air duct art' is inspired by ads like these

"Fresh Aire," 2010.

Foamcore, papier maché, dust from under my bed. 5 in. high by 10 in. wide by 24 in. deep

What's inside? Watch the HD video and see for yourself!

[If the video is skipping, allow to load completely and then watch.  Or watch it on YouTube (switch to “720p HD” for full effect).  And for yet even greater junk mail clarity, catch it on Vimeo (switch to “HD is on,” but it might not playback smoothly at fullscreen).]

Still hungry for junk mail? Plenty more awaits you at the Junk Mail Show! Blog

2 Responses to “Junk Mail Show at Soap Gallery”

  1. 1 tron bykle August 2, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Available, believeable, circumspect, distracting, evasive, firmative, gritti, happy, inconclusive, junky, kitsch (low), lazy, mindless, numbing, oblivious, pluralistically questionable! The abc is larger than my responsive care ….hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

  1. 1 Two fun shows in July « "Thou Shalt Not Bore God" Trackback on July 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm

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